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Secure and Seamless Biometric Authentication

With VIDA Auth, proving identities is smooth and straightforward.
Our various authentication options improve security while enhancing user experiences,
increasing conversions, and saving costs.

Secure and Seamless Biometric Authentication

Sign documents online seamlessly and securely with VIDA Sign. For individuals and businesses - get more done in fewer clicks. #GetStuffDone


Highest Security with Biometric Authentication

Our biometric authentication is powered by top-global biometric AI verification with liveness detection to provide an instant, seamless, and secure user experience.


Exceptional Features

VIDA provides global top-ranked biometric AI technology with liveness detection for biometric-based user authentication on any platform, including mobile, web, and physical access management.

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Verified Identity

VIDA Authentication can leverage the verified identity from the VIDA identity verification process.

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Silent Liveness Detection

We use a biometric technology system to detect the authenticity of a person's face in real-time.

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Our biometric authentication system can be integrated with your existing customer database.

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Instant Results

Our system provides a simple, fast, secure authentication method with instant results.


How Does VIDA Biometrics Authentication Work?

Auth Process

How Does VIDA Biometrics Authentication Work?

Passwordless Authentication

Authenticate user login as simple as taking a selfie.

Transaction Authentication

No PIN and password needed for financial transaction authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication

Replace conventional SMS-based 2FA to increase efficiency and security.

Access Management

We enhance security access by replacing physical access cards.

Identity Fraud Control

Prevent identity fraud and theft with verified identity-based authentication.

Driver Authentication

Protect your businesses and drivers from identity theft with our solutions.