Last Modified: August 13, 2020

The Users Privacy is important to PT Indonesia Digital Identity (“VIDA”, “us”, “we” or “our”). Hence, VIDA has developed a Privacy Policy for all users (“you”, “your” or “yours”) of its website (, applications, or other products and services (collectively, termed as “Services”) to describe how we collect, use, disclose, store, and transfer your personal data and information (“personal information”).

PPlease read our Privacy Policy thoroughly to ensure you understand our data processing practices for our Services provided, directly to you or on behalf of our clients, and to build trust in our system. We recommend you to check our website ( for any change in Privacy Policy from time to time.

The Privacy Policy includes the following:

A. Collection of Personal Information

B. Use of Personal Information

C. Disclosure of Personal Information

D. Retention of Personal Information

E. User (Your) Rights

F. Data Security & Confidentiality

G. Third Party Platforms

H. Acknowledgement & Consent

I. Customer Support Details & Notification

A. Collection of Personal Information

1. The personal information is each and every information that is used to identify individuals either separately or in combination with any other information directly or indirectly through electronic or non-electronic systems.

2. Prior to and during your use of our Account or Service, some personal information is collected, manually or automatically, with your consent, these include but are not limited to:

a. Personal identifiers such as but not limited to name, email address, mailing address, phone number, place and date of birth, information on identity card, photo, and biometric data;

b. Commercial information such as billing information, products or services purchased;


c. Geolocation;


d. Device and usage information;


e. Transactional data;


f. Cookies and related technologies; and


g. Additional information related to certain Services.

3. While we collect the personal information from you, we can also combine the collected personal information with other information in our possession or that we may receive from third party sources, including marketers, partners, affiliates, and our clients, as per the law to share your personal information with us.

4. If you have an Account and want to use our Service or want to use more than one Service, we may also combine and link various personal information provided by you at various times to facilitate your access and use of Service.

5. Whenever you use our website or application, certain information may also be collected on an automated basis using cookies. Cookies are small application files stored on your computer, laptop or mobile device. Cookies are used to track your activity to enhance user interface and experience. Most websites and applications support the use of cookies. You can adjust the settings on your computer, laptop or mobile to reject several types of cookies however, doing so may affect the functionalities available on our website and application.

B. Use of Personal Information


6. The personal information collected from you will be stored and used by VIDA for the following purposes:

a. to provide our Services


b. to diagnose, fix issue, and improve the Services


c. to evaluate and develop new Services


d. to comply with legal obligations and law enforcement


e. to process payments


f. to support business functions and marketing purpose and


g. for other uses


7. The accuracy of the Service we provide depends on the accurate and complete personal information provided by you.

C. Disclosure of Personal Information

8. VIDA will not disclose your personal information to any third party without your consent or in a manner that would be considered “a sale” under applicable laws, unless there is a legal binding order to do so.

9. However, we may necessarily share your information to various third parties with your consent for the purposes of:

a. Clients: When VIDA’s products and services are integrated with our client’s products and services or VIDA’s products and services are a prerequisite for you to use before using our client’s products and services. In both the scenarios, both VIDA and the clients need to share your personal information amongst themselves for the purpose of transaction implementation, records, compliance and audit. The clients may have their own privacy policy.

b. Service Providers: Similar to the relationship we have with our clients, we may also have with our service providers. We may share information with other companies, we use to support our Services. These companies provide services like analytics, authentication systems, and customer support. We have contracts with service providers, who are obligated by policy and agreement to provide sufficient privacy protections for that information. At their level, they may also have their own privacy policy.


c. Marketing Partners: We may share your information with sponsors of events, webinars for which you register, or other parties with whom we may engage in joint marketing activities.


d. Legal Advisor or Government Authorities: We may share your personal information with our legal advisors, law enforcement officials, government authorities and other parties:

i. To respond to an emergency situation that threatens the life, health and safety of a person


ii. For the public interest or during a pandemic i.e. public health crisis, contact tracing purposes, or safeguarding our community


iii. Under applicable law, audit or to respond to legal processes.

e. Your Employer or Organization: When you create an account as on behalf of the organization, that organization may undertake certain actions that may affect your account.

D. Retention of Personal Information

10. VIDA keeps your personal information for no longer than necessary for the purposes for which it is processed and/or as required to comply with applicable laws. Where there are technical limitations that prevent deletion or anonymization, we safeguard personal information and limit active use of it.

E. User (Your) Rights

11. The following rights you may be entitled to:

a. to ask us about the processing of your personal information;


b. to obtain a copy of the personal information we possess;


c. to ask us if you believe your information is being processed or stored in violation of Privacy Policy or applicable laws and regulations


d. request transfer of your personal information to another organization in a machine-readable format;


e. to withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data (where processing of personal data is based on your consent); and


f. to access your Account and at any time, to add, remove, modify or update any information that you have provided.

However, please note certain personal information is required so that we can provide the Services to you. If you request for deletion, you may no longer be able to access or use our Services. If one of the purposes for data collection of a user during an emergency situation or pandemic is contact tracing, users can apply for their right mentioned in point 11 (d), however, the right will be implemented after 45 days from the date of their visit.

F. Data Security & Confidentiality

12. VIDA takes special measures to ensure the safety and security of your data. We ensure that any information provided by you to access or use VIDA Account and Service is equipped with standard security features to protect the confidentiality and security of your information, as well minimize risks associated with data loss, misuse, unauthorized access, and unauthorized disclosure and alteration.

13. VIDA will notify you in the event there is a failure to protect the confidentiality of your personal data and information in VIDA’s electronic system in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

G. Third Party Platforms

14. VIDA website or application may contain links to other websites or applications, including advertisements or promotion materials, operated by third parties. VIDA is not liable or responsible for the content on these third party applications or websites and for the collection, use, storage, sharing or disclosing of any personal information provided by individuals to these third parties. Please consult the terms and conditions of the third party websites to find out how they collect and use information.

H. Acknowledgement & Consent:

15. By accepting and providing consent to Privacy Policy for VIDA Account & Services, you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to accept the Privacy Policy and all its terms. Other specific consent that is required for the data collection, processing and storing will be provided in each web page/application page where your data is requested.

I. Customer Support Details & Notification:

16. In case of any query related to Privacy Policy or to use your rights you can contact us at


17. In case you want to add, modify or delete your information or want to report any problem to us, other than related to privacy Policy to us, you can contact us at