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Make the Switch to Digital Signatures with VIDA - Adobe Trusted Indonesian Partner

Combination of robust authentication and certified technology of VIDA and the most user-friendly digital signature product from Adobe, to boost your business digitally.

Adobe Sign VIDA

VIDA is the rooted Certificate Authority registered as the first Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC) member from Indonesia.

Teaming up with Adobe Sign, VIDA provides global industry-standard digital signatures with VIDA Digital Certificate, that allows our digital signature to be recognized globally. Giving seamless experience and security as main priority for our customers, we thrive to support digital transformation acceleration for both businesses and the users.

VIDA became the first Certificate Authority (CA) company in Indonesia that listed in the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL). Its digital signature can be recognized in more than 40 countries.

Secure Digital

Secure Digital

Enjoy access to the latest authentication technology with facial recognition linked to user’s real identity for more secure signing process.

Seamless Cloud Based Services

Seamless Cloud
Based Services

Once authenticated, you can add your signatures through any devices using cloud services linked to VIDA’s secure identity management process.

Legally Binding

Legally Binding

Your documents are signed and certified with Adobe Sign using VIDA Digital Certificate.

4 Steps to Get Adobe Sign with VIDA Digital Certificate

Simple Steps to Sign Document Securely

Enjoy Access to Secure, Seamless,
and Legally Binding Digital Signatures

VIDA Cloud-based Certificates

Recommended for corporate employees, professionals

50% OFF (IDR 350,000)

IDR 700,000 per user/year

Need to purchase Adobe Sign Signatures

Recommended for corporate employees, professionals

50% OFF (IDR 350,000)

IDR 700,000 per user/year

Need to purchase Adobe Sign Signatures

You will get benefits:

Number of User:

Single User

Type of Digital Certificate:

One-year Certificate

Kominfo-Compliant Certificate:

Adobe-Compliant Certificate:

Compatible Digital Signature



Certificate Storage:


Mobile Platforms:


Legally Binding Signatures:


Prepaid Payment

Any Add-Ons:

USB Token can be opted for at additional cost*

*For further information on VOLUME PURCHASE (FOR MORE THAN 10 CERTIFICATES) or any other queries, please contact Sales Team at

Help to Accelerate Your Digital Transformation to Boost Your Business Grow Faster

VIDA - banking


Account opening

Credit card and loan agreement

Internal and external agreement process

VIDA - fintech


New customer onboarding

User agreement and contract

VIDA - Healthcare


Patient agreement

Digital health certificate

Medical prescription


VIDA - Insurance


New Policy application

Insurance claim

Users contracts

Questions about VIDA Cloud Signature

What is VIDA Cloud Signature?

VIDA Cloud-based digital signatures certificate (DSC), is a digital certificate that works across desktop, mobile, and the web — and meets the highest levels of compliance and assurance for signer authentication that can be used in other digital signature services such as Adobe Sign.

How can I get a VIDA Cloud signature certificate?

Users can purchase VIDA Cloud Signature Certificate on our purchase landing page. Follow the procedure for the certificate issuance,

  1. Purchase VIDA Cloud-based Certificates at

  2. Select your plan and fill in the form with your email address

  3. Fill in your credit card details and pay

  4. Check your registered email to complete the Identity Verification Process.

  5. Scan the QR code on the email with VIDA Digital Identity Application: Android and iOS

  6. Fill in the form with your registered email when you purchased and personal data, continue the onboarding process on the app.

  7. You can have your VIDA cloud-based digital certificate and being able to sign after you got success notification in your email.

Does VIDA Cloud Signature is valid?

VIDA Cloud Signature Certificates are the same as each Digital Signatures Certificate (DSC) issued by VIDA, a legally binding DSC in Indonesian Law and recognized in more than 40 countries.