What is VIDA?

VIDA is a Certificate Authority (Penyelenggara Sertifikat Elektronik - PSrE) registered and certified in Indonesia by the Ministry of IT and Communications (Kominfo) to issue legally binding certificates and digital signatures to individual or entity that has been validated against the authoritative identity database.

What is Certificate Authority (Penyelenggara Sertifikat Elektronik - PSrE)?

CA (PSrE) is an institution that has granted a license to issue a digital signature certificate (Sertifikat Elektronik) as a verified identity in the digital ecosystem.

What is a digital certificate (Sertifikat Elektronik)?

Digital Certificates are digital data sets that contain digital signatures and identities that show the legal subject status of the parties in Electronic Transactions.

How to use VIDA Digital Certificate?

VIDA Digital Certificate is a certificate that binds the identity of a person or organization that is used to verify the identity of the transaction in this case is a digital document signing.

How do I get a digital certificate from VIDA?

Users need to submit a request to VIDA as a Certificate Authority to get the digital certificate. VIDA will verify user identity and will issue the digital certificate after the user passes the verification process.

Does the digital certificate expire?

VIDA digital certificates validity period is 1 year, the digital certificates must renew after 1 year.

What happens when the digital certificate has expired?

If the digital certificate validity period has expired, it cannot be used for signing digital documents.

How do I renew the digital certificate?

VIDA as CA will provide information and reminders to the customer when the customer's digital certificate will expire and also the following for how to renew the electronic certificate.

What is a Registration Authority (RA)?

Registration Authority is the authority (may be represented by the personnel or the company) as Certificate Authority (Penyelenggara Sertifikat Elektronik - PSrE) which verifies the electronic certificate issuance request from the users.

Are VIDA digital signatures and certificates legally binding?

Yes, certificates issued by VIDA are valid and recognized by Indonesian Law, according to SK Number 179 of 2019, issued by the Ministry of Communication and Information. VIDA is a registered legal entity and has been granted to issue digital signatures.

How do I use a digital certificate issued by VIDA?

Digital Certificates issued by VIDA can be used to perform digital signatures of a document using a VIDA Sign application, VIDA Signature Token, or using other services that have integrated with VIDA services.

Can I unsubscribe from VIDA certificates, and how?

Currently, VIDA issues certificates with a validity period of 1 year. If you want to stop using the customer can revoke the certificate through the VIDA application.

Is VIDA digital signature is safe?

VIDA implements international standards of security and VIDA is ISO 27001 and Webtrust certified.
VIDA also implements biometric authentication in the process of using electronic certificates, thus avoiding unauthorized use.

What are the current VIDA products and solutions?

VIDA is a rooted Certificate Authority under Kominfo. Our solution is an end-to-end solution for identity services, including identity verification, digital signatures, identity biometric authentication, etc. For more detailed information about our product and solution please contact us at our team will reach you to present you our solution for your need.

What is Identity Verification?

VIDA Identity Verification is the process of validating someone’s identity compare to an identity database from authoritative sources using biometric verification, in this case, Face Recognition. From the results of this verification, VIDA will issue an electronic certificate as a recognized digital identity that can be used for multiple use cases.

What is Authentication in a digital signature?

Authentication is the process to ensures the authenticity of the identity of the signer of a document or message.

What is Integrity in a digital signature?

Integrity is the guarantee of a document are the advantages of a digital signature provided by VIDA. This function is to ensure the integrity of the message or document has not been changed or altered during the transmission process from sender to receiver.

What is non-repudiation in a Digital Signature?

VIDA Digital Signature, ensure the identity and the integrity of a document, this function makes the signer of the document or data that has been signed using a digital signature service cannot deny by all parties, known as non-repudiation.

What is an digital signature (Tanda Tangan Elektronik)?

The digital signature is a signature consisting of Digital Information that is attached, linked, or related to other Digital Information that is used as a verification and authentication tool.


What kind of integration if we want to integrate with VIDA?

VIDA has several integration options there are web integration, mobile SKD, and API. For more detailed information please contact our team on

Does VIDA use Face Recognition technology?

Yes, VIDA implements a global top-ranked Face Recognition technology to deliver an instant identity verification process to our clients.

How good is VIDA's Face Recognition technology?

VIDA uses one of the best facial recognition technologies in the world, which is included in the top 3 AI for face recognition by NIST. Our face recognition accuracy is 99.8% we also implement the liveness detection to our face recognition technology to eliminates digital identity verification fraud.

What is liveness detection?

VIDA Liveness detection in biometrics verification technology to detect if a face is real (from a live person present when the time capture) or fake (from a spoof artifact or lifeless body part). This technology is a solution to eliminating fraud during online identity verification.