What is VIDA?

VIDA is a Rooted Certificate Authority (Penyelenggara Sertifikat Elektronik - PSrE) registered, certified, and rooted under the Ministry of IT and Communications (Kominfo) of Indonesia. VIDA is a trusted entity to issue legally binding certificates and digital signatures to individuals or business entities that have been validated against the authoritative identity database.

What is Certificate Authority (Penyelenggara Sertifikat Elektronik - PSrE)?

Certificate Authority / CA (PSrE - Penyelenggara Sertifikat Elektronik) is a trusted organization under Kemenkominfo as a Root Certificate Authority to issue a digital certificate (Sertifikat Elektronik) can use to verify the identity of people, website, devices and many more.

What is a Digital Certificate (Sertifikat Elektronik)?

Digital certificates are digital data sets containing digital signatures and identities that establish the legal standing of parties involved in electronic transactions. These certificates, also known as identity or public key certificates, are in the form of electronic passwords and information and utilize Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to enable individuals and organizations to exchange data and information over the internet securely.

How to use VIDA Digital Certificate?

VIDA Digital Certificate guarantees that a document or transaction is genuine, authentic, and done by an authorized person. VIDA uses the authentication method to ensure that only authorized individuals or entities may utilize the digital certificate.

How do I get a digital certificate from VIDA?

Users need to submit a request to VIDA as a Certificate Authority to get the digital certificate. VIDA will verify the user's identity and issue the digital certificate after the user passes the verification process.

What are the benefits of using the VIDA Digital Certificate?

VIDA Digital certificate can offer the highest level of digital security to protect users and businesses from cybercrime and online fraud. Digital certificates can provide the following benefits:

Security: Digital certificates can ensure the data is correct, which helps keep digital communication safe and private.
Authentication: A digital certificate can help ensure the entity or person we communicate with is who they say they are.
Scalability: Digital Certificates can be used and implemented across platforms and devices.

Does VIDA Digital Certificate have an expiry date?

VIDA digital certificates have a one-year validity period. Each year, users must renew their digital certificates.

What will happen when the digital certificate expires?

Users can no longer sign digital documents or transactions using the expired digital certificate.

How to renew a digital certificate?

VIDA, as CA, will provide information and reminders to the customer when the digital certificate expires and the following for how to renew the electronic certificate.

What is a Registration Authority (RA)?

Registration Authority (RA) is a part of the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) that checks and verifies the identities of people or organizations that want digital certificates. Before giving out a digital certificate, it is the RA's role to make sure that the information given by the certificate holder is correct and still valid. This process helps make sure that the digital certificates given out by the Certificate Authority can be trusted (CA). The RA acts as a trusted middleman between the CA and the person who has the certificate. This makes it easier for people to get and manage digital certificates.

How does VIDA secure users' data?

Data security and protection are VIDA's essential services. VIDA uses a global top-ranked certified security technology. VIDA is the first Webtrust Certified CA in Indonesia, a certification for principles that follow international information security best practices and operating ISO 27001 international standards for Security Management Systems.

Are VIDA digital signatures and certificates legally binding?

Yes, certificates issued by VIDA are valid and recognized by Indonesian Law, according to SK Number 179 of 2019, published by the Ministry of Communication and Information. VIDA is a legally recognized entity authorized to issue digital signatures.

How do I use a digital certificate issued by VIDA?

Digital Certificates issued by VIDA can be used to perform digital signatures of a document using a VIDA Sign application, VIDA Signature Token, or other services integrated with VIDA services.

What is a VIDA Signature Token, and how to use it?

The VIDA Signature Token is a password-protected physical device to establish the local document signing process using a VIDA digital certificate. For using a VIDA Signature Token, please make sure that:

1. Install the VIDA Signature Token driver software on the PC (according to the OS used, such as Windows, Mac, or Linux).
2. Attach the VIDA Signature Token to the personal computer 
3. Open the document to be signed with a PDF program that has a digital signature feature, like Adobe Acrobat, VIDA desktop app, etc.
4. Follow the signing process according to the application used. 
5. Enter the password certificate to authenticate the user according to the user guide document provided by VIDA.

Notes: VIDA is not responsible for any functionality or security risk from using third-party applications that VIDA does not provide.

Can I unsubscribe from VIDA certificates, and how?

Currently, VIDA issues certificates with a validity period of 1 year. If you want to stop using VIDA Digital Certificate, customers can revoke the certificate through the VIDA application or an email request at

Is VIDA's digital signature safe?

VIDA implements international security standards, and VIDA is ISO 27001 and Webtrust certified. VIDA also implements Biometric Authentication in the process of using electronic certificates, thus avoiding unauthorized use.

What are the current VIDA products and solutions?

VIDA is a rooted Certificate Authority under Kominfo. Our solution is an end-to-end solution for identity services, including identity verification, digital signatures, biometric identity authentication, etc. For more detailed information about our product and solution, please contact us at Our team will reach you to present our solution for your need.

What is Identity Verification?

VIDA Identity Verification is validating someone's identity compared to an identity database from authoritative identity sources using biometric verification and personal data demographic, in this case, Face Recognition. After the identity verification is successful and valid, VIDA will issue digital certificates. VIDA Digital Certificates implementation can be for multiple use cases, including digital signatures and digital Authentication.

What is a digital signature (Tanda Tangan Digital)?

The digital signature consists of Digital Information attached, linked, or related to other Digital Information used as a verification and authentication tool.

What is Authentication in a digital signature?

Authentication ensures the authenticity of the signer's identity of a document or message. VIDA uses biometric Authentication to provide an easy and secure authentication process to increase user experiences.

What is Integrity in a digital signature?

Non-Repudiation is an information integrity guarantee provided by VIDA Digital Signature, the assurance that someone cannot deny the validity of something signed using VIDA Digital Signature. This function makes the signer of the document or data signed using a digital signature undeniable by all parties.

What is non-repudiation in a Digital Signature?

The digital signature consists of Digital Information attached, linked, or related to other Digital Information used as a verification and authentication tool.



What kind of integration if we want to integrate with VIDA?

VIDA serves multi-platform integration: web integration, mobile SDK, and API. For more detailed information, please get in touch with our team at

Does VIDA use Face Recognition technology?

VIDA implements a global top-ranked and powerful Face Recognition technology to deliver our clients an instant identity verification process.

How good is VIDA's Face Recognition technology?

VIDA uses one of the best facial recognition technologies in the world, which is included in the top 3 AI for face recognition by NIST. Our face recognition accuracy is 99.8%. We also implement silent liveness detection to our face recognition technology to eliminate online identity verification fraud.

What is liveness detection?

Liveness Detection is a process performed to detect a presentation attack in the VIDA identity verification process solution. VIDA liveness detection is a Biometric AI technology to help you detect and recognize if a real and live person provides the biometric data. Liveness Detection protects users and businesses from online identity fraud.