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Sep 23, 2022

7 Ways That Biometric Verification Can Prevent Personal Data Forgery

Biometric verification is the process of validating identity using a person's biological identity for digital security.

Biometric verification is the process of validating identity using a person's biological identity for digital security.

Misuse of personal data for data falsification is increasing. In addition, data leaks have been increasing lately. In the midst of the challenges that occur in the era of digital transformation, technology is expected to support a digital ecosystem that is safer and more convenient for the public to use.


One example of a technology that can be a solution to this challenge is biometric identity verification to protect your digital identity. How does this technology work to prevent forgery of personal data? Check out the following explanation.


What is Biometric Verification?


Biometric verification technology is the right choice to prevent identity falsification and identity theft because the technology has multiple digital security processes, namely: verification, authentication, and authorization. The purpose of this system is to provide accurate identity verification that is able to prove a person's identity correctly.


Biometric verification is the process of validating identity using a person's biological identity, physical characteristics, or behavior such as scanning a user's face, movements, or possessions for digital security.


The scanned physical characteristics are then mapped to the username/user ID which will be used for authentication or validation of the user's identity. The identity validation process is carried out by comparing the user data sent with the data contained in the database. After successful validation of the user's identity, then authorization is carried out so that the user can enter and access important systems.


Reasons Biometric Verification Can Prevent Personal Data Forgery


Biometric verification can prevent the forgery of personal data in the following ways:


1. It improves the authentication and authorization processes


All verification data is private and cannot be falsified by others. Unlike passwords, biometrics cannot be forgotten, lost or easily copied.


Once your biometric data is saved, all that is needed is a scan; no password is necessary. The server will compare and analyze whether the user's biometric data matches the stored data. If they do, the system will authorize the user to access.


2. It ensures maximum protection of digital identity


Customers expect services that can protect their identity and ensure the complete security of their data. Encryption techniques in biometrics make it difficult for outsiders to replicate biometric data, thereby preventing data falsification or data theft. In addition, access will only be granted if the data that has been stored matches the access data. If it does, identity is verified and access is granted. Otherwise, access will not be granted.


3. It simplifies the online transaction process


The biometric identity verification system offers various benefits that make it suitable for use for any process that requires security guarantees, such as online transactions. A biometric verification system that is integrated into the account or site where you transact allows you to access your account, purchase products or services, and make payments online by facial scanning via your mobile phone without the need to enter bank and credit card information into the system, or carry large quantities of cash when shopping in very risky stores.


4. It is safe and practical for those who often forget passwords


A password or personal identification number (PIN) is an identity verification system that is easily forgotten if not written down somewhere. But writing it down will actually increase the risk of access theft. Simply showing the biometric data attached to one’s body, such as performing face detection on the provided device, enables identity verification to be carried out.


5. It records all activities


Biometric identity verification technology can record all activities more accurately because it is carried out by a computer system. This means every entry and exit access can be easily identified.


6. It is accessible only by one person


Identity security is the most important thing in business. Customers expect services that can ensure the security of their personal identity. With biometric verification, each person's data is unique because it can only be accessed by one person.


7. It is easily accessed without the need to carry a card


Ease of access using biometric identity verification can occur because someone does not need to carry around verification tools such as cards or other devices. Your identity can be verified simply through face detection.


VIDA Verify, Face Biometric Solution


For identity verification using facial biometrics, you need reliable and accurate technology. Use VIDA Verify, which uses a combination of facial attribution and liveness detection software to determine with over 99.5% accuracy.


To ensure the integrity of the user's facial biometrics to prevent identity fraud, VIDA Verify uses Silent Liveness Detection. In addition, there is the Anti-Spoofing Technology technology, which is a technology with powerful AI deep learning to prevent scammers from using images, videos, and masks to fake identities.


VIDA is ISO 27001 certified for data security management and is the only PSrE in Indonesia certified by Webtrust as a globally recognized guarantee of internet security standards. By involving a trusted digital identity verification service provider, you no longer need to worry about implementing a biometric system and getting its benefits.


Ready to try VIDA Verify? Contact our team here.


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