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Infographics The Role of Digital Identity Verification to Prevent Data Leakage

Misuse of personal data for data falsification is increasing. In addition, data leaks have been increasing lately. In the midst of the challenges that occur in the era of digital transformation, technology is expected to support a digital ecosystem that is safer and more convenient for the public to use.


Use of Digital Identity in Daily Activities

Did you know that digital identities can be individuals, organizations, communities, or electronic devices in cyberspace? The owner of a digital identity can project more than one digital persona. However, security and privacy are the most important things in managing a digital identity. Let's look at what exactly is meant by digital identity.


Digital Identity Verification Prevent Crime in Banking Sector

Cybercrime is on the increase in the banking sector, especially during the pandemic, which has necessitated the minimization of face-to-face activities. Digital identity verification is needed to authenticate and protect personal data so that customers feel safe and comfortable in transacting and using banking services.