A Secure, Globally-Recognized Digital Signature

Take your remote work experience to the next level with a digital signature that ensures the convenience and security of signing documents anywhere.

Exceptional Features

Our digital signature product enables you to automate and manage entire digital workflows using VIDA's powerful business capabilities while staying compliant with security policies and regulatory standards.

Instant Onboarding


A seamless onboarding process that helps you improve conversion rate while also reducing your customer acquisition cost.

Biometric Verification

Biometric Verification

We implement a robust biometric technology to enable a more seamless signing process for mobile-first experiences.

Verified Identity


Verified identities can easily be leveraged for authentication during registration, login  and signing processes.

Digital Signing Platform

Digital Signing Platform

We provide an interface for sending or signing documents online and provide trusted digital certificates.

Local & International Security Compliance

Globally Recognized

VIDA is the only Certificate Authority (CA) in Indonesia that is globally recognized as a Trusted Service Provider for digital signature industry leaders.

Adobe Sign

Docu Sign

EM Signer

How Our Products Help You?

Integration Product

 On Device Signing

 Webapp Signing

 Digital Signature Workflow

Ready to Use Product

 Token Digital Signature

 Corporate Stamping

 Cloud Signature

Discuss your business needs with our experts and learn how our solution can simplify your customer's digital life.

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