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Jul 01, 2023

6 Exceptional Benefits of Digital Signatures for Legal Departments

Cara membuat tanda tangan digital yang aman, mudah dan cepat sehingga dapat bermanfaat salah satunya untuk departemen legal di perusahaan

Benefits of Digital Signatures


Digital signatures are used to validate electronic documents and replace traditional physical signatures legally. Many digital signature service providers create a secure digital signature to guarantee the user's identity. A digital signature functions like an ordinary signature, namely as a statement or proof that the signature's owner agrees with the document's contents being signed. However, what distinguishes it is, of course, the way it is made, namely digitally, unlike a wet signature that uses a pen. The easy way to make a digital signature also makes it widely used, one of which is by the legal department in a company.


Speed and Efficiency

One of the main benefits of digital signatures is speed and efficiency in the legal process. With digital signatures, electronic documents can be signed and sent in minutes, even seconds, without having to print, ship, and wait for physical copies to be sent physically. This process can speed up legal transactions, save time and resources, and increase the efficiency of the legal department.


Legal Legality

Digital signatures are legally valid and recognized in many jurisdictions around the world. In many countries, digital signatures have the same status as traditional physical signatures. Therefore, using digital signatures in the legal department can ensure that digitally signed electronic documents have the same legal validity as physically signed physical copies.


Security and Confidentiality

Digital signatures can also increase the security and confidentiality of legal documents. The digital signature process usually involves using strong encryption technology to protect the integrity and confidentiality of documents. In addition, digital signatures can also be equipped with multiple authentication features, such as passwords, verification codes, or fingerprints, which can increase the level of security and prevent falsification or misuse of documents.


Easy Storage and Access

How to make a digital signature that can be done anywhere and anytime will make it easier for the legal department in their daily work. Digitally signed documents can be easily stored electronically and accessed anytime and anywhere through electronic or cloud storage systems. This process makes it easier for the legal department to manage and access legal documents without facing the physical challenges of traditional physical document storage and archiving. The legal department can respond quickly and efficiently to business needs with easy access.


Cost Savings

The use of digital signatures can help legal departments save costs. Digital signatures eliminate these costs compared to traditional physical signatures, which require printing, sending, and filing physical documents. In addition, using digital signatures can also reduce costs associated with human errors, such as typographical errors or errors in managing physical documents.


Increase productivity

How to make an easy and practical digital signature can certainly increase productivity. In the legal division, many documents require signatures, such as contracts, agreements, or other legal documents. With a digital signature, documents can be signed quickly and easily without having to print, send and wait for physical documents to be sent or signed by another party. This fast and efficient process can increase the productivity of legal teams, allowing them to focus more on other tasks that require more attention.

We can work more efficiently by knowing how to make digital signatures that are easy, fast, and secure. With all VIDA's security features, it is hoped that it can provide digital or digital trust to users from various departments within a company. For more, click here.

VIDA - Verified Identity for All. VIDA provides a trusted digital identity platform.

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