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Jul 05, 2023

How Do Digital Signatures Work?

Discussing in detail how VIDA Sign works and how to create digital signatures.

Digital signatures are one of the technologies used to secure electronic documents in Indonesia. This article will explain how digital signatures from a Certificate Authority (CA) in Indonesia work.


Get to Know About Certificate Authority (CA)

Did you know? Certificate Authority (CA) is responsible for issuing and managing digital signatures in Indonesia. CA is an authority that gives confidence to digital signatures as authentic proof in electronic transactions.

How to make a digital signature starts with the registration process by the individual or organization that wants to use a digital signature. The user must apply for CA to obtain a digital signature certificate. This application must be accompanied by a valid identity document, such as a KTP or NPWP, and other documents required by the policy of the relevant CA.

After the application is approved, CA will generate a pair of cryptographic keys, namely the private and public keys. The private key is known only to the owner of the digital signature and must be kept very well, while the public key will be given to third parties who wish to verify the digital signature.

Many people want to know how it works or how to make a digital signature. Using a digital signature starts with the owner of the digital signature who wants to sign an electronic document. The owner of the digital signature will use the private key to generate a unique cryptographic code, which is a digital representation of their signature. This cryptographic code will be included in the electronic document to be signed so that it becomes an integral part of the document.

Then, the document that has been digitally signed will be accompanied by a digital signature certificate issued by CA. This certificate contains information about the identity of the digital signature owner, their public key, and other relevant information. This certificate is also digitally signed by CA so that it can be verified by a third party wishing to verify the digital signature.

A third party wishing to verify a digital signature can carry out the verification process using the public key contained in the digital signature certificate. This process will ensure that the digital signature comes from the rightful owner and that the electronic document has stayed the same since it was signed.

In carrying out its verification function, CA will use complex cryptographic technology to ensure the validity of digital signatures. The public key used in the verification process will be scrambled and encrypted using CA's public key so that only CA’s private key can decrypt it and verify the digital signature. That way, we will know how to make a digital signature.

Introducing VIDA Sign

Take your remote work experience to the next level with a digital signature that ensures the convenience and security of signing documents anywhere. VIDA Sign enables you to automate and manage digital workflows using VIDA's powerful business capabilities while complying with security policies and regulatory standards. Here are the ultimate benefits of using VIDA Sign:

Secure and Compliant
VIDA Sign ensures secure and compliant digital agreements with ISO 27001 and Webtrust Certification. VIDA Sign is legally binding and recognized in 40+ countries.

Signing Workflow Management
Fully customizable signing workflows with control over each process step, including serial and parallel signing flows.

Globally Recognized Digital Signature
Manage your VIDA Sign team and administrators to comply with company document workflow and signer access restrictions.

e-Materai Capability
Side-by-side processes of e-meterai & digital signature on the same document and bulk e-meterai stamping capability.

VIDA is a Trusted CA for Digital Signatures

VIDA is one of Indonesia's most trusted Certificate Authorities (CA). VIDA is an official CA and is registered with Kominfo. VIDA has been a CA registered with Kominfo since 2018 and has collaborated with various companies to implement safe, easy, and certified signatures. Digital signatures created with VIDA Sign use biometric verification of the user, thereby minimizing fraud and protecting the user's identity. The easy and fast process makes VIDA an option for signing documents, including corporate tax reports.

VIDA also implements world-class technology standards that are certified and internationally recognized by passing audits and obtaining various local and global certifications. In Indonesia, this company is the first WebTrust-accredited CA and is registered as a secure electronic signature service provider and has been approved by Adobe (Adobe Trust Service Provider) on the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL) list, and is also ISO 27001 certified for implementing security standards—information management.

Please click here for info on creating a digital signature with VIDA Sign.

VIDA - Verified Identity for All. VIDA provides a trusted digital identity platform.

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