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identity verification

Jul 03, 2023

How Identity Verification and Digital Signatures Protect User Identity

Bagaimana Verifikasi Identitas dan Tanda Tangan Digital Melindungi Identitas Pengguna

Identity Verification and Digital Signatures Protect User


In an all-digital era like now, many people have started to adapt to technology. Especially the current younger generation or Gen-Z, also called digital natives, because they are used to and are literate in technology from an early age. Even so, based on a survey conducted by Komnas HAM in 2020, Gen-Z aged 17-25 are worried about the security of personal data on the internet, and 78.4 percent consider personal data found on the internet to be unsafe. In addition, according to the Indonesian Political Indicator survey, 30 percent of Gen-Z do not believe personal data used for applications is not guaranteed to be confidential. With public doubts about using digital services, VIDA invites the government and industry to increase awareness of personal data protection and digital trust in the context of World Data Privacy Day on January 28. In Indonesia, cybercrime is currently rife, such as theft and identity abuse is of concern to the public. With this in mind, personal data protection regulations have also been passed.


Not only in Indonesia, based on a study by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), Gen-Z in the United States and Britain are also more likely to have been victims of cybercrime than the Baby Boomers generation.


"Gen-Z's habitual pattern of activities in cyberspace is easier to form when compared to other generations. Of course, this activity brings many benefits, but it also threatens the security of personal data. This problem can happen because they are the first generation to adopt the latest features. Of course, this needs to be a concern so that these young generations can become more familiar with potential cyber threats and take on greater responsibility in the future," said Adrian Anwar, VIDA's Chief Revenue Officer, in response to this.


As users of digital services, the community must know the importance of personal data. In addition, businesses must provide technological innovation so that users can protect their data and reduce the risk of cybercrime. Gajendran Kandasamy, as Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer of VIDA, also reminded the public of the importance of personal data.

"Awareness of the importance of personal data can be started from the thoroughness of the public, especially the millennial and Gen-Z generations, before consenting to use their data. The public also needs to pay attention to where they provide their data and whether the party is certified in managing the personal data of its users," explained Gajendran Kandasamy.


VIDA, as a Certificate Authority (CA) under the Ministry of Communications and Informatics, participates in the security of users' data, such as for digital signature services. Additionally, VIDA products have also received certification from WebTrust, Adobe Approved Trust List, ISO 27001, and the Cloud Signature Consortium TSP to increase digital trust for the public to use digital signatures. Adrian also added that VIDA is committed to bringing people into the digital ecosystem and realizing digital transformation and cybersecurity.


Established in 2018, VIDA is a CA registered under the Ministry of Communication and Informatics and is trusted to issue electronic certificates for certified digital signatures. VIDA also applies world security standards, such as Public Key Infrastructure, biometric technology, and network security. That way, the identity of users of digital services can be guaranteed, thereby increasing digital trust.

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VIDA - Verified Identity for All. VIDA provides a trusted digital identity platform.

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