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identity verification

Apr 13, 2023

Keep Your Data Secure with Legally-Binding Digital Signatures

Signature forgery is common. By using the VIDA digital signature, user data will be guaranteed security

VIDA digital signature, user data will be guaranteed security

In Indonesia, there is a high incidence of crime, including fraud and forgery of signatures; along with the times and technology, many activities are carried out digitally. Not only daily activities such as work or study have changed a lot, but crime is also developing in the digital world or what is commonly called cybercrime. 


Did you know? Cybercrime is a crime committed through a computer and internet network that can harm someone, such as data theft or even a loss of money. One of the frequent cyber crimes is identity theft, such as names, telephone numbers, and identity numbers to credit card numbers and misusing them to make loans, enter bank accounts, and so on. In addition, a cybercrime that often occurs is phishing. Phishing is usually carried out via email or social media by sending fake links and redirecting them to fraudulent sites. It aims to steal victim data, such as identities, passwords, and PINs, to OTP codes for digital financial service accounts.


Therefore, people must be vigilant when making online transactions or using other digital services. Especially when making a transaction, it is necessary to upload personal data. Data that has been uploaded can be accessed by anyone, or data leaks occur. To prevent this, choose a trusted digital service. Make sure the digital services used for transactions are registered with the OJK. In addition, also pay close attention to the requirements and the data that must be uploaded.


In addition, increasingly sophisticated technology can minimize fraud, especially in documents and signatures. Now there is a digital signature service for electronic records. Digital signatures differ from regular electronic signatures because they can be generated by scanning a wet signature or creating one on a website. A digital signature contains electronic information as an electronic certificate for verification and authentication. The electronic certificate is issued by a Certificate Authority (CA) globally or in Indonesia. It is called an Electronic Certification Operator CA, which will be encrypted in a digital signature.


VIDA is a Certificate Authority (CA) in Indonesia that has been registered and certified to issue digital certificates. In accordance with Decree Number 179 of 2019 issued by the Ministry of Communication and Information, VIDA issues digital certificates that are valid and recognized by law in Indonesia. To secure user data, VIDA applies certified security technology, and VIDA also uses the international standard ISO 27001 for security management systems. In addition, VIDA became the first Indonesian Certificate Authority with WebTrust accreditation. This accreditation allows VIDA to guarantee that user data and privacy are protected. With various security systems, making digital signatures with the VIDA Sign service can avoid counterfeiting.


Besides digital signatures, VIDA also has other digital identity verification and authentication products. VIDA identity verification for issuing Electronic Certificates uses full automation with data-based population biometrics. While authentication is the process of ensuring the identity of the signer matches the identity that has been verified. VIDA's verification and authentication process uses sophisticated biometric technology and liveness detection to recognize and detect the person doing the verification so that data theft and identity fraud can be avoided.


VIDA - Verified Identity for All. VIDA provides a trusted digital identity platform.

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