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The first VIDA Partner Academy, March 7th, 2023. Attended by 27 partners representatives

Unlock revenue growth and compliance with VIDA Partner Academy. Learn the latest in biometric identity verification and eKYC regulations. Join now!

With the rise of online transactions and remote work, the need for secure and dependable digital identity solutions has become more critical than ever. The Financial Services Authority (OJK) in Indonesia has established requirements for eKYC (electronic know-your-customer) processes to ensure that financial institutions can accurately and efficiently verify the identity of their customers.

Businesses must comply with OJK's eKYC requirements to avoid potential legal and financial consequences, but only some fintech players or financial institutions are aware of this. Noncompliance with eKYC regulations can have severe repercussions for financial institutions and fintech companies, including license revocation, suspension, legal action, and financial losses. Additionally, it can harm a company's reputation and customer confidence.

VIDA stands out as a comprehensive digital identity journey provider that offers various services, including identity verification, digital signatures, and user authentication, to address these challenges and assist businesses in complying with these regulations. By utilizing VIDA's comprehensive suite of solutions, clients can streamline the e-KYC procedure and ensure OJK compliance.

Nevertheless, more than compliance with eKYC regulations is required. It is also crucial to comprehend the complexities and difficulties of digital identity and trust. For this reason, VIDA has established the VIDA Partner Academy. This first training program equips VIDA partners with the most recent innovations in biometric-based identity verification, authentication, and digital signatures with electronic certificates, ultimately resulting in revenue growth.

The VIDA Partner Academy intends to provide partners with a comprehensive understanding of digital identity and trust, enabling them to promote and sell these solutions to customers with proficiency. Partners will receive a certificate for each module they complete. Partners can earn certification by completing the necessary number of modules.

Twenty-seven partner representatives attended the inaugural training program of the VIDA Partner Academy. They gained an understanding of the significance of digital identity, the eKYC process, and how VIDA's solutions can assist them in complying with OJK regulations. Partners can increase their revenue by promoting and selling VIDA's digital identity solutions to their customers after completing the training program.

Take advantage of this opportunity to increase your knowledge and revenue. Partners can contact their channel manager or email Rorinda at or Iqbal at for information about attending future VIDA Partner Academy events.

In conclusion, financial institutions and fintech players must comply with eKYC regulations to avoid legal and financial consequences and preserve customer trust. The comprehensive suite of solutions provided by VIDA and the VIDA Partner Academy training program can assist businesses in streamlining the e-KYC process and comprehending the complexities of digital identity and trust, ultimately resulting in revenue growth.

Join the VIDA Partner Academy now and take the first step toward increasing your knowledge and revenue.

VIDA - Verified Identity for All. VIDA provides a trusted digital identity platform.

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