Utilize VIDA’s Verified and Authenticated Identities to Comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Support Anti Money Laundering (AML) Regulations

Full Digital Onboarding Process

Full Digital Onboarding Process

Improve your user conversion speeds by utilizing our end-to-end digital identity verification. VIDA Verify provides a regulatory compliant end-to-end business solution for your business needs.

Business Transformation

Accelerate Your Digital Business
Transformation with VIDA Sign

Boost your business pace with a legal, simple, and secure digital signature. VIDA Sign helps you manage your digital document, save time, and reduce costs.

VIDA face verification

Powerful Authentication with Seamless User Experience

Protect your business and customers from fraud and account takeovers with secure biometric authentication.

Discuss your business needs with our experts and learn how our solution can simplify your customer's digital life.

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Leading companies in various industries have implemented VIDA solutions.

Alpha JWC  Ventures Alpha JWC  Ventures
Grab Grab
Ciputra Ciputra
Kredivo Kredivo
Link Aja Link Aja
freeport freeport
Jago Jago
Raya Raya
bukukas bukukas
Shelll Shelll
Ajaib Ajaib
Tatasolusi Tatasolusi
Sicepat Sicepat
Trevo Trevo
Happy fresh Happy fresh
Broom Broom
Gundarma Universitas Gundarma Universitas
Linknet Linknet
Aladin Aladin
Halodoc Halodoc
BCA Finance BCA Finance
Mitra-bukalapak Mitra-bukalapak
Pzza Hut Pzza Hut
Perdagangan Perdagangan
Toyota Toyota
Dapenbi Dapenbi
Asia finance Asia finance
Premier oil Premier oil
IFG Life IFG Life
Wahana visi Wahana visi
Skorlife Skorlife
Buku Warung Buku Warung
Mitsubishi Corporation Mitsubishi Corporation
Pinjam Modal Pinjam Modal
Beedor Beedor
Mitsubishi Materials Trading Corporation Mitsubishi Materials Trading Corporation
Nalagenetics Nalagenetics
Qoin Qoin
Moladin Moladin
Rey Rey
Sertisign Sertisign
Jenfi Jenfi


VIDA meets national and international security standards, continually maintains certifications, and follows industry best practices to provide secure and excellent service to our customers. We are committed to providing you with a secure and protected experience when using our products and services.


VIDA applies world-class technology standards that are certified and recognized locally and internationally.