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Aug 24, 2022

How Digital Signatures Work

VIDA provides solutions that allow digital signatures to be used easily and securely with various digital documents and data, with VIDA Sign.

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The use of digital signatures is not new in Indonesia; however, it became much more widespread during the pandemic, which forced more activities to be done online. Many companies and agencies see digital signatures as a solution for validating documents without people having to meet face to face.


Digital signatures can be used for any form of electronic document. They also contain information that can be used to verify and authenticate someone’s identity. But how does they work? Check out the discussion below.


How Digital Sigantures Work

A digital signature is a legitimate signature technology because it has legal force. This is how digital signatures work.


  • The Electronic Certification Operator (PSrE) issues a digital certificate with a unique key pair related to the legal subject (private key and public key). The public key is known to anyone, while the private key is only known to the owner of the signature. Both have unique characteristics, where information or an electronic document is encrypted by one key and can only be decrypted by the partner key.

  • The digital signature has been certified using asymmetric cryptographic methods with a public key infrastructure. The public key is listed in a digital certificate that is general in nature as proof of the identity of the signatory.

  • The public key is attached to the electronic document that has been encrypted with the signatory’s private key. If there is a change in the electronic document, the electronic document reader system will automatically detect and provide a notification. Thus, the identity of the signatory and the integrity of the document can be confirmed.


Important Functions of Digital Certificates

A digital signature that is accompanied by a digital certificate from the digital-certificate issuing institution certifying its validity gives it the same status as an authentic deed. Here is the explanation.


Understanding Digital Certificates

The digital certificate contained in the digital signature is a way of proving the validity of a document or electronic transaction. It proves that the electronic information is correct. Digital certificates make it hard for anyone to modify documents without trace, or forge digital identities.


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Important Attributes of Digital Certificates

With digital certificates, digital signatures have five important attributes:

1. Verified Identity
 The accuracy of the identifying information is important to prove that the responsibility for dealing or validating electronic documents is attached to the person.
2. Verification

Identity verification using accurate biometrics also ensures that a digital signature on a document or electronic transaction has one important aspect, namely non-repudiation, or undeniability.

3. Authenticity

A digitally signed electronic document is considered authentic when the digital certificate has encryption capabilities and a hash function that prevents modification of the document. When you make modifications to electronic documents, you must re-sign digitally.

4. Validation

Electronic documents require a system to be read and opened. For example, Acrobat Reader is capable of reading portable digital file format documents.


The electronic-document reader application system must be able to detect digital certificates embedded in documents. That way, the digital signature can be recognized and prove that the document is valid according to the digital certificate issued by the PSrE.

5. Time Note

Time records prove when the digital signature was issued and serve as additional information to prove that the electronic document is valid.


VIDA, Your Trusted Digital Signature Solution

VIDA is an Electronic Certificate Provider (PSrE) that has been registered with the Ministry of Communication and Informatics of the Republic of Indonesia. It was the first PSrE in Indonesia to receive WebTrust global accreditation for the implementation of internet security standards by applying facial biometrics to verify and authenticate.


VIDA works closely with various parties to create an accurate and secure digital signature and digital identity verification ecosystem. VIDA is a registered Digital Financial Innovator (IKD) and is listed in the e-KYC cluster within the Financial Services Authority (OJK). It is also a provider of supporting technology in the Bank Indonesia Regulatory Sandbox.


In carrying out its role as a trusted entity that guarantees the unique ownership of digital certificates claimed by users, VIDA adopts strict cybersecurity practices and has been certified in its processes and services.


VIDA provides solutions that allow digital signatures to be used easily and securely with various digital documents and data, with VIDA Sign.


VIDA Sign is used to perform digital signatures on digital documents as regulated in PP 71/2019 concerning Electronic Systems and Transactions. All electronic documents and transactions must be signed with a digital certificate issued by the PSrE.


When you use VIDA Sign, there is a biometric check with activation detection prior to signing to avoid the risk of identity fraud. VIDA's technology is able to verify and authenticate thousands of identities every day to support web and mobile transactions occurring in real-time.


Contact VIDA for a safer and more convenient electronic document signing process.

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VIDA - Verified Identity for All. VIDA provides a trusted digital identity platform.

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