How Does Facial Biometric Verification Keep Your Identity Safe?

During the pandemic, technology has played an important role in keeping people's activities running and keeping people productive. In the midst of challenges that occur in the era of digital transformation such as misuse of personal data for data falsification and data leakage, technology is needed to keep personal data protected.


Facial biometric technology offers many ways and advantages to protect your digital identity. In this article, we reveal them.


The Role of Facial Biometric Technology for Identity Security


Biometric verification is the process of verifying identity using a person's biological identity, physical characteristics, or behavior, for example by scanning a user's face, movements, or possessions for digital security. This digital identity-verification system using biometrics aims to identify a person correctly and accurately.


Verification data is private and cannot be falsified by others. Unlike passwords, biometrics cannot be forgotten, lost, or easily copied. Once your biometric data is saved, all that’s needed is a scan without a password. The system will compare and analyze whether the user's biometrics match the stored data. After a successful match, the system will authorize the user to access it.


The latest biometric verification technology enables the verification process to be carried out digitally and automatically, making the process very short and smart. Encryption techniques in biometrics make it difficult for outsiders to replicate biometric data so as to prevent data falsification or data theft.


The biometric identity verification system offers many advantages that make it suitable for various situations where security guarantees are required, such as online transactions.


Advantages of Biometric Identity Verification System

  • Modern biometric identity-verification systems can be used for massive-scale identity verification in a short time, making them very suitable for use by government institutions, banks, financial institutions, and activities that require a high level of security.
  • Proper implementation and management of a biometric verification system greatly help maintain identity security.
  • The biometric identity verification system no longer requires a long process involving many parties, making it very cost-efficient.
  • The biometric verification system can only be accessed by one person and is unique. Thus, verification data is very personal and cannot be falsified by others.
  • Biometric identity verification systems can also identify a person accurately and consistently. This helps to minimize errors in falsely “recognizing” someone as a similar-looking person or a fake.
  • The biometric verification system is easily accessed because there is no need to touch verification tools such as cards or other devices. Simply show your biometric data, and identity verification can be done.
  • Biometric identity verification technology can record all activities more precisely because it is carried out by a computer system. This means that every entry and exit access can be easily identified. This can increase the accountability of the security system.

    VIDA Verify


    For identity verification using facial biometrics, you need reliable and accurate technology. VIDA Verify uses a combination of facial attribution and liveness detection software with over 99.5% accuracy.


    There are two services from VIDA Verify that you need to know, namely:


    Identity Verification

    VIDA Verify Identity is an identity verification solution that removes the possibility of fake registration, app fraud and identity fraud. Solution integration with existing systems using SDK, API and iFrame platform is easy and flexible.


    Facial Biometrics

    VIDA Verify Facial Biometrics is a face-verification solution that uses a combination of facial attribution and liveness detection software to determine with more than 99.5% accuracy.

    VIDA uses several technologies and AI to perform identity verification, mainly using biometric verification and liveness detection. VIDA verification can be implemented for various uses and scenarios required by the service provider.


    Advantages of VIDA Verify


    The following are the advantages of using VIDA Verify:


    Provides legal assurance of user identity and a high level of assurance by comparing biometric and demographic data with national databases
  • Prevents fraud up to 99.2%
  • Real-time identity verification based on official references and legal databases
  • Easy VIDA Verify integration fits most hardware platforms and modules
  • Uses powerful Anti Spoofing (AI deep learning) technology to prevent scammers from using images, videos, and masks to fake identities

    VIDA stores the customer's biometric data with the customer's permission and consent to be used only for the verification needs to be required by the customer and the service provider. Contact our team for more information about the VIDA Verify service.

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