Benefits of E-Stamps

E-stamps have the same important function as conventional stamps, namely to certify letters or documents.

Electronic stamps, or e-stamps for short, are a type of stamp made using a digital format that is faster, safer, and more convenient to use. e-Stamps “complement” a legal digital signature. As a CA (Certificate Authority) under the auspices of the Ministry of Communication and Information, VIDA provides e-stamp solutions that can help digitally transform your business.


Benefits of E-Stamps

1. Practical to use

By using an e-stamp, you no longer need to stamp documents individually, as with conventional stamps. You can affix a single e-stamp to multiple documents.

2. Minimize counterfeiting

E-stamps should minimize the potential for document forgery, because they incorporate “layered security” technology.

3. Contain an electronic certificate

E-stamps contain electronic certificates that validate documents, prove document ownership, guarantee document authenticity, and are legal.

4. Respond to the needs of the digital era

The shift from conventional stamps to digital stamps is in line with the overall implementation of processes and strategies aimed at facilitating business processes in the digital era. Digital transformation is used to increase business productivity effectively and efficiently.

5. Not face to face

E-stamps can be used remotely and without the need for a face-to-face meeting. This has been especially useful during the pandemic. E-stamping can be done via an application on a smartphone.

6. Effective and efficient 

All businesses involve some level of document management. Usually, a company will need legal documents signed, both internally and externally. Thanks to e-stamps and digital signatures, companies no longer need to physically print and send documents, thus saving on paper, printer and ink costs, and courier charges.


Legality of E-Stamps

E-stamps are regulated by PSTE Government Regulation No. 71 of 2019 concerning the Implementation of Electronic Systems and Transactions. An e-stamp is as legal as a conventional stamp and is legally binding because it contains an electronic certificate.


E-stamps have the same important function as conventional stamps, namely to certify letters or documents. In contract agreements and correspondence, the stamp is used as a sign of approval by superiors. If the document has been affixed with a stamp, then the contents of the document cannot be contested.


Complementing Digital Signatures

E-stamps as a complement to digital signatures are legal products and are legally binding, using an authentication system. They also serve to reinforce decision results on certain document sheets. The e-stamp indicates that the decision has been agreed upon and the letter or document is valid. The parties to the document that has been e-stamped having an obligation to carry out the requirements laid out in the document. The e-stamp functions just like a digital signature so that they complement each other. However, if a document requires a digital stamp, then the digital stamp must be affixed at the very end because it functions as a “seal” on the document.



As a Certificate Authority (CA) licensed and under the supervision of Kominfo, VIDA functions as an electronic-certificate issuer that can be used in digital signatures to verify and authenticate a person's identity in the digital world.


VIDA applies world-class data protection standards, including Public Key Infrastructure, facial recognition, and endpoint security to deliver a comprehensive cybersecurity solution.


VIDA provides a digital-identity platform across digital channels with the highest security and compliance standards using world-class technology for end-to-end solutions.


VIDA is also the first CA in Indonesia to receive WebTrust global accreditation for the implementation of internet security standards by applying facial biometrics for verification and authentication, providing convenience and comfort for its users.


About VIDA Sign

VIDA Sign’s integrated electronic certificates can help to accelerate your business’s digital transformation, because digital identities are more secure and legally valid, and can be used for digital signatures.


VIDA Sign security protocols include live detection before signing to minimize the potential for identity fraud. You can verify a digitally signed document to check whether the integrity of the document is maintained or has been modified in any way after being signed.


When a digital signature is affixed to an electronic document, the electronic certificate will record the signature and various important information that accompanies it, such as the identity of the signatory and the time of signing. Without an electronic certificate, the digital signature is not certified or legal.


The use of VIDA Sign digital signatures is regulated in Law 11/2018 and strengthened by PP 71/2019, which states that digital signatures issued and implemented by a CA legalized by the state (in this case Kominfo) have legal force under Indonesian law.


With world-class biometric technology equipped with identity verification and authentication services, access management, e-stamps, and certified digital signatures, VIDA is an indispensable business partner to develop your business quickly and efficiently.


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