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Oct 11, 2023

7 Easy Ways to Get Digital Documents Signed Quickly

Seven secret weapons to speed up document signing & and boost your workflow.

A digital signature represents a modern, legally binding method for swiftly executing document signatures. This tool offers various ways to secure an instant signature on contract documents. Here are essential tips to guide you through this process.

Verify the Identity of the Decision Maker

The initial step in ensuring prompt signature approval involves thoroughly detailing all parties' identities in the signing process. This information should encompass the party's name, contact number, and crucial details like the signatory's official capacity. Clear communication and mutual understanding of these particulars are vital. More information is needed to ensure the signing of the document.

Align with Your Client's Objectives

Comprehending your client's aspirations is critical. Craft a document encapsulating the goals they anticipate achieving through the partnership and agreement. Delivering a contract that fails to align with your client's expectations, deadlines, and the need for transparency will likely result in a reluctance to sign. Therefore, please ensure the key points below:

  • The scope of services
  • Payment schedules
  • Necessary procedures
  • Additional legal clearances

Establish Clear Deadlines

Understanding your client's needs allows you to map out a critical timeline, beginning with the material collection and culminating in the client's endorsement of the document. Allotting adequate time for clients to peruse and sign documents is prudent. Distributing these documents well ahead of deadlines averts confusion at the signing stage.

Deliver on Your Promises

Adhering to your commitments in sending contract documents is fundamental, albeit often understated. This encompasses meeting delivery timelines, ensuring contract content accuracy, and upholding agreed standards. Transparency and fidelity to the agreed terms, particularly concerning financial details, contractual nuances, and product specifics, are paramount.

Proactively proposing solutions for potential future challenges is advisable. Overlooking this aspect can result in client hesitancy and subsequent delays in the signing process.

Persistent Follow-Up

Effective follow-up can significantly enhance the efficiency of the document signing process. Amid busy schedules, both you and your client might overlook pending documents. Regular check-ins via email, text, or phone calls are recommended.

Utilizing digital signature software for monitoring document status adds an extra layer of efficiency. Regularly check if the client has reviewed the document.

Meticulous Review

A thorough review of your document is a crucial step in expediting the document signing process. Unnoticed errors on your part, such as grammatical inaccuracies, could be the reason for a document remaining unsigned.

Embrace Digital Signatures

Lastly, and most importantly, strive to simplify the process for your client. Opting for traditional "wet" signatures can be cumbersome, time-intensive, and expensive. In contrast, digital signatures offer a preferred alternative. They facilitate efficient document signing, save time and resources, and contribute to environmental conservation.

VIDA, as Certificate Authority (CA) under the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Informatics, participates in securing user data, including digital signature services. VIDA implements global security standards, such as public key infrastructure, network security, and biometric authentication, supported by top global AI biometric verification with liveness detection, offering an instant, smooth, and secure user experience. Thus, user identities in digital services are guaranteed, minimizing fraud and protecting user identities.

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VIDA - Verified Identity for All. VIDA provides a trusted digital identity platform.

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