Benefits of Good Identity Management


Identity management is a set of processes, policies, and technologies that are implemented to make it easier for an organization to manage user accounts and organizational network resources. Management of access to organizational data is also carried out in this digital identity management process.


Given the large amount of sensitive data owned by an organization or company, good identity management is also needed. This is where digital identity management plays a significant role. Ideally, digital procedures involve both management of data and data security, i.e. authentication and encryption.


Good digital identity management has many advantages, which can not only benefit your internal organizations, but also your customers. Let’s look at some of them.


Digital Identity Management improves privacy and data security

Digital identity management involves authentication and encryption procedures. Authentication is a validation process to check user credentials by comparing recorded data with the data in the database. This method can comprise:

  • Two-step authentication - combines a username and password or PIN

  • Three-step authentication - combines a username, password or PIN, and biometrics such as fingerprint scanning

  • Four-step authentication - combines a username, password or PIN, biometrics, and verification from another party to authenticate the user's requested access.

Encryption is a way of obscuring data with a secret password supported by a special algorithm. Only the access owner can decipher the encrypted data and digital identity.


The combination of authentication and encryption creates secure identity management. Data and digital identity are protected with a high protection system so that the risk of theft or leakage can be greatly reduced. You and the company team can work without worry or worry.


Digital Identity Management helps support employee productivity

Good identity management ideally involves digital technology with high-security systems. This does not mean cumbersome access systems, however. Because it is digital, you can more easily access data from anywhere and anytime as long as it is connected to an internet network connection.


Even if you and your team are working remotely such as from home, hospital or cafe, collaboration continues smoothly because data and information exchange takes place easily. This results in increased employee productivity, resulting in a positive impact on business development.

Although it is easy to access from various places, you can still manage who has the right to access the data and digital identity. In good identity management, easy access to data must be accompanied by a maximum privacy and security system.

Digital Identity Management reduces the risk of human error

By implementing digital identity management, you no longer need to manually manage data. Everything, including data access settings, is saved automatically online. As a result, the risk of human error - which can be extremely detrimental for a company - can be minimized.
No more employees accessing the wrong data, sharing data with the wrong parties, or making other mistakes that could have been prevented.

In addition, because you no longer need to store or manage data and identities manually, you can now focus on things that are more crucial for business development. Again, this will support your and your team’s productivity.


Good Digital Identity Management creates better relationships with customers

Sometimes customer data needs to be stored, as well as data and identities of your company's internal parties. This is especially true of businesses such as banks or hospitals. Customer data and identity are assets that must be stored and protected as securely as possible.


Digital identity management makes data security and protection possible. Authentication and encryption technology provides more protection for customer data and digital identities, thereby increasing customer confidence.


Thanks to good consumer digital identity management, consumers will not hesitate to keep in touch with your business. On the other hand, your company’s credibility can also increase, making it easier for you to attract more new customers.


Where does one begin, then, on the road to good digital identity management? The main thing is to engage a trusted digital identity service such as VIDA, which has obtained official permission from the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Digital identity management from VIDA is equipped with easy-to-use features such as digital signatures, QR codes, facial scans and biometrics.

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