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Feb 01, 2022

VIDA Outlook 2022: Trends in Digital Identity Utilization Drive National Digital Transformation

VIDA drives digital transformation in Indonesia by providing digital certificate services to secure and convenient digital identity manageme


As the digital economy grows, user trust in interacting and doing online transactions becomes crucial. By being critical in the public's engagement with technology and building trust in the digital industry, digital trust is considered the key to digital economic growth in 2022. This topic becomes the main discussion on VIDA Outlook 2022: Trends Driven by the Use of Digital Identity for National Digital Transformation.


Attended by the regulators, digital industry players, and economists, they discussed the role of digital identity and secured personal data management while conducting digital interaction. If more digital industry players can ensure the security of users' data and avoid a data breach, there's a more significant positive impact on continuous industry development.


Semuel Abrijani Pangerapan, Ministry of Communication and Information Director General of Information Application, "To enter a digital space, it is important to build trust. Digital certificates have driven the progress of the national digital ecosystem because it marks the validity of digital services. Such as its use for validating digital documents and transactions and being a digital identity guarantor, which makes digital services more convenient for the Indonesian people. Based on our study conducted in various countries, digital certificates have become necessary to encourage the digital economy. Digital Identity can be used in various transactions such as buying items online, opening bank accounts, or other financial industry purposes. Innovations like digital identity align with the topics that Indonesia brings to the G20 Presidency. In the future, Kominfo will prepare regulations relevant to the growth of digital identity in Indonesia, build a digital ecosystem based on digital trust, and strengthen domestic digital talent."


According to Sati Rasuanto - Co-Founder and CEO of VIDA, Behind numerous global best practices on data security, several digital trust principles are more fundamental beyond compliance: Speed, Scale, and Secure. As one of the Certificate Authority (CA), VIDA is prepared to drive digital transformation acceleration in Indonesia by providing digital certificate services to ensure secure and convenient digital identity management. There are a few options that can be used to boost digital trust,

  • Identity proofing service

  • Authentication service

  • Digital signature

Seen from the benchmark conducted by a few other countries, where their digital platform is equipped with these services, the consumers don't need to be concerned about their data security or someone else using their digital identity. "Digital certificates can help accelerate the national digital transformation and create digital identity - making it more secure and legally binding, and this applies to digital signatures as well," Sati said.


Based on digital trust manifestation, VIDA offers borderless experience with world-class biometric technology that is equipped with identity verification and authentication services, access management, and certified digital signatures, which is useful in supporting our business partners to grow their businesses in a faster, more efficient manner.


Digital industry representative Vince Iswara, DANA CEO & Co-Founder, added, "Building digital trust has been our commitment as a digital finance service platform. Our commitment is in line with our trusted, friendly, and accessible pillars. On that note, we continue to maintain the trust of our users and partners by providing layered security guarantees through our innovative technology." For example, DANA implemented a zero data sharing policy, risk mitigation through risk engines, adopted International standard systems such as ISO 27001:2013 certification and PCI-DSS, and provided 100% security of transaction guarantee with DANA Protection.


Bhima Yudhistira - Economist and Center of Economic and Law Studies (CELIOS) Director explained, "We believe that digital transformation trends and growth of the digital economy that occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic will transform into a new economy in 2022. In addition to the added value provided for the Indonesian economy, digital technology relies heavily on the trust of the public and consumers in terms of security. Digital security issues such as digital data breaches remain a threat amid the acceleration of digital transformation that is taking place. For this reason, secure digital economic growth is highly crucial for Indonesia to get through the recovery phase. The existence of digital trust providers, such as VIDA, becomes the much-needed solution as it guarantees digital trust for both the consumer and the digital economy."


VIDA - Verified Identity for All. VIDA provides a trusted digital identity platform.

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