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Nov 17, 2021

VIDA Partners with Adobe & Microsoft to Drive Work Culture Change through Secure Digital Identities

VIDA Partners with Adobe & Microsoft to secure digital identities.

VIDA Partners with Adobe & Microsoft to secure digital identities.

The pandemic has changed the way we work in so many ways, and that includes the way documents are certified. Digital signatures are continuing to increase in popularity, even though face-to-face interactions have resumed. They are considered to be safer, more practical, and more economic, and thus can help increase work productivity. They are also considered to be legally binding.This was the topic of an in-depth discussion during a virtual discussion between VIDA, a pioneer among electronic certificate operators (PSrE) in Indonesia, and two well-known global technology companies, Adobe and Microsoft, entitled “Leveraging Legally Binding Digital Signatures to Optimize Secure Remote Onboarding and Automated Document Workflows."


Founder and Group CEO of VIDA Niki Luhur explained, “With the increasing trend of remote and hybrid working as part of our daily life, the way we sign and validate documents has changed too. We are a recognized Trust Service Provider (TSP) under the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL).”


VIDA provides a fast, secure issuance service of legally binding electronic certificates, so that digital signatures can be used to verify and authenticate digital identities. VIDA applies world-class data protection standards, including Public Key Infrastructure, facial recognition, and endpoint security to deliver a comprehensive cybersecurity solution. According to Law no. 11 of 2008 regarding Information and Electronic Transactions (ITE), digital signatures have the same legal force as conventional signatures.


Co-Founder and CEO of VIDA Sati Rasuanto explained, "We are committed to accelerating Indonesia's digital transformation by delivering superior operations on the Speed-Scale-Secure side of the work environment." By using a certified digital signature from VIDA, one can safely and efficiently sign documents in the Adobe programs that are widely used by the public, namely:

  • Adobe Acrobat

  • Acrobat Reader

  • Adobe Sign

This process is even more streamlined when using Microsoft's cloud-based collaboration products such as Microsoft Teams, which integrate digital identity infrastructure and management from verification and authentication, to authorization - leading to increased productivity and reduced operating costs for business owners, organizations and workers.


A study by Adobe shows that:

  1. Employees have high expectations that technology can help them to work more effectively.

  2. One third of working time is used to do repetitive work such as managing documents, forms, contracts and invoices.

  3. 86% of workers stated that repetitive work prevented them from doing their main tasks.

  4. 91% of respondents stated that they are interested in using applications that can make tasks or work processes more efficient, such as digital signatures.

"The selection of VIDA on the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL) demonstrates its ability to meet established security and technical standards, and its worldwide acceptability," said Chandra Sinnathamby, Head of Adobe Document Cloud - Asia Pacific, Adobe.


In early 2021, VIDA became the first PSrE in Indonesia to be registered with the AATL, and is one of the trust service providers (TSPs) committed to providing digital identity services that support the open API (Application Program Interface) standard of the Cloud Signature Consortium. This means that VIDA’s digital signatures are recognized in more than 40 countries.


Lucky Gani, Chief of Operations and Director of Marketing at Microsoft Indonesia said, “The hybrid work era has pushed us to reimagine the future of the world of work, where digitalization in various business processes needs to be accelerated for more effective and efficient work results. Together with solutions provided by Adobe such as Adobe Sign, our cloud-based collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Office, and Power Apps can help simplify this process.”


VIDA has also received WebTrust global accreditation for the implementation of digital security standards by applying facial biometrics for verification and authentication, thus offering convenience and comfort for its users. VIDA is also registered in the Digital Financial Innovation (IKD) e-KYC Cluster in the Financial Services Authority (OJK) and as a provider of supporting technology in the Bank Indonesia Regulatory Sandbox. For more information about VIDA’s products and solutions, please click here.

VIDA Partners with Adobe & Microsoft to secure digital identities.

VIDA - Verified Identity for All. VIDA provides a trusted digital identity platform.

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