VIDA Supports BPRs, Indonesian Cooperatives Go Digital Through MSME #TumbuhTangguh Movement

Collaborating with OpenBank+, VIDA Supports BPR Digitalization as a Big Step in Building an Inclusive MSME Digital Ecosystem

Jakarta, December 14, 2022 - PT Indonesia Digital Identity (VIDA), a leading digital identity player in Indonesia, has tied up with PT Mitra Jasa Lima (OpenBank+), an open banking service provider, to support digitization of Bank Perkreditan Rakyat (BPRs) to provide digital services to MSMEs safely and comfortably. The companies inked their partnership at the BPR Tangerang Commissariat meeting in November 2022. Through this collaboration, BPRs can verify identities and digital signatures of its current and prospective customers with the help of VIDA and OpenBank+ products.

OpenBank+ provides secure data access with application programming interface (API) technology. With the company’s support, BPRs and cooperatives can securely receive customer financial data to be able to present financial services, ranging from saving funds to applying for funding. With the support of VIDA Sign, BPR customers can make digital transactions more easily without having to physically go to a BPR head office or branch. In addition, identity verification through VIDA Identity makes it easier for BPRs to verify customer data.

VIDA Chief Revenue Officer Adrian Anwar said, “Financial institutions such as BPRs are widely used by the public and MSME actors in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities to conduct various financial transactions related to their business. Amid increasingly high digital penetration, of course, the demand for the banking industry, including BPRs, to carry out various innovations to embrace customers from all levels of society is also getting higher. Therefore, VIDA is very pleased to be working with OpenBank+ in building a banking ecosystem that is not only safe and reliable but also inclusive and easily accessible, so it can help develop MSMEs using BPRs’ digital platforms.”

Apart from digital penetration and easier access to digital financial services, digital trust of service users is another important factor when it comes to an inclusive digital ecosystem. Increased digital trust of Indonesian people can lead to better encouragement to make transactions and use various digital platforms, which subsequently helps drive the growth of the digital economy in Indonesia.

OpenBank+ Chief Operating Officer Ilham Joenoes said, “Through the collaboration between OpenBank+ and VIDA that helps digitize BPRs and cooperatives in Indonesia, we are optimistic that we can encourage more BPRs, cooperatives, and MSMEs to become part of Indonesia’s digital economy ecosystem safely and comfortably. With this collaboration, we hope that more MSMEs will experience the various benefits of digital banking services. Together with VIDA, OpenBank+ will continue to provide access to inclusive digital financial services for MSMEs in other regions.”

By partnering with OpenBank+ in supporting BPR digitization, VIDA aims to support more MSMEs to enter the digital ecosystem. This is in line with one of VIDA’s main agendas in supporting the Indonesian government’s target of increasing the country’s financial inclusion level to 90% by 2024.

“Through the integration of VIDA and OpenBank+ technology, customers can enjoy BPR services, starting from when they open an account, throughout Indonesia completely digitally. Equipped with liveness detection technology and VIDA Verify biometrics, BPRs are assisted in ensuring the identities of prospective customers match the identities that are recognized and owned so as to provide legal certainty of those identities because this is based on electronic certificates in accordance with the ITE Law,” closed Adrian.


About VIDA - PT Indonesia Digital Identity

PT Indonesia Digital Identity (VIDA) is a licensed Certificate Authority (CA) under the Indonesian Ministry of ICT, authorized to issue digital certificates that can be applied for digital signatures and web authentication. Established in 2018, VIDA is a digital identity network leveraging multi-factor authentication, digital signatures, and verified identities. VIDA applies world-class data security standards, including Public Key Infrastructure, facial recognition, and endpoint security to provide comprehensive cyber security solutions.

VIDA is also listed as an Digital Financial Innovation (Inovasi Keuangan Digital / IKD) registered with the OJK. The products and solutions offered by VIDA can be adopted by various sectors and industries, including the financial services industry to make it easier to verify direct customers. VIDA also believes in instilling digital trust among its users and by virtue, thus, the company has been registered under the OJK and BI regulatory sandbox.

VIDA also applies world-class technology standards that are certified and recognized internationally. The company became the first Certificate Authority (CA) company that obtained WebTrust certification and listed in the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL) in Indonesia, and also is ISO 27001 certified.

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About PT Mitra Jasa Lima (OpenBank+)

PT Mitra Jasa Lima (OpenBank+) is an information technology company engaged in the Open API business, as well as a liaison connecting BPRs, cooperatives, and MSMEs with commercial banks and other financial platforms providing payments, insurance, e-KYC, transfers, credit scoring, and other products related to BPR and cooperative activities. OpenBank+ is currently registered under Kominfo as an Electronic System Operator (PSE). Currently, the OpenBank+ platform has been used by more than 80 BPRs and cooperatives that support banking digitization.

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