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Jun 18, 2023

Creating Workflows When Using Digital Signatures

Digital-signature solutions like VIDA Sign offer document templates that allow you to create documents that are ready for processing.

Digital-signature solutions like VIDA Sign offer document templates that allow you to create documents that are ready for processing.

You will doubtless be familiar with the document management workflow when working offline: editing documents, document dispatch and return, and so on. Then, suddenly, the document is mislaid. You end up having to redo the document, wasting time and money getting the document approvals all over again. On the other hand, doing everything electronically comes with its own electronic workflow that can change the way you deal with contracts and documents.


IDC analysis found that people spend nearly nine hours each week searching for documents. The same study found that when companies use digital documents, instead of printing them, and use a document workflow system, they save 25% of the associated costs. Industry body Workflow Management Coalition (WFMC) found a 30% increase in productivity when simple workflow processes were used to manage documents.


What does an effective digital-signature workflow look like? And how can you build a workflow that is right for your company? Let’s take a closer look.


It is important to understand that your workflow will affect how your company operates. If your workflow is not fit for purpose, the benefits of digital signatures will not be maximized. Having a workflow process to control your documents will save you time and money, and make you more productive.


Create a digital-signature template

The first stage in the digital-signature workflow is to create a template on the provided page. Digital-signature solutions like VIDA Sign offer document templates that allow you to create documents that are ready for processing, with pre-configured signatures to make digital-signature applications easier. You can access this template anytime and from anywhere. This is beneficial if you are someone who prioritizes flexibility in business activities. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how digital signatures provide a much better remote-work or work-from-home experience for you.


Invite signatories to collaborate on documents

After deciding which template to use, you can then invite signatories. Set up signatories before the workflow begins. Signatories can be contacted via email to access documents or contracts. The email may contain a direct link to access the document that the signatory can access to make the signature. Besides saving time, you also save money because a digital signature obviates the need for a “wet” signature on paper. VIDA Sign is a digital-signature solution that simplifies and digitizes the document-signing process. It’s faster, more efficient, and of course, increases the credibility of your business. In Indonesia, digital signatures are regulated in Law 11/2018 and strengthened by PP 71/2019. They are issued and implemented by a PSrE legalized by the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia, so that they have legal force.


Share access control to documents

The signatory will receive a link to the digital signature but you will also need to control access to the document. Access can be controlled using a number of methods. One of these is by using a special access code. This is useful for documents and contracts that contain sensitive information and personal details. VIDA Sign offers a biometric check with activation detection prior to signing to avoid the risk of identity fraud. This is a simple facial verification that means no more relying on confusing keywords. With the access control feature, only authorized and interested parties can open the document. VIDA's technology is able to verify and authenticate more than thousands of identities every day when web and mobile transactions occur in real time. That way, the process of signing documents electronically can be carried out safely and comfortably.


Review documents once access is gained

You can go to a centralized document repository and check the documents before signing. If there are no version issues in synchronization, the workflow can proceed to the next stage. On the other hand, if there is still data or information that needs to be corrected, you can immediately make repairs. This review process is important to prevent the risk of errors such as typos or inappropriate clauses that can later result in losses for your business. When a digital signature is affixed to an electronic contract, the electronic certificate will record the signature along with all the information contained therein, from the identity of the signer to the time of signing. Moreover, the electronic certificate also records any changes that occur to the digital contract. So, any attempt to sabotage the document or unauthorized change of information, can easily be tracked.


Approval stage

The signing process using the appropriate digital-signature solution automatically establishes acceptance of the terms and conditions:


a) Review Document Protection – Digital signatures that comply with standards such as UU ITE and PP PSTE will ensure that no unauthorized changes can be made to the document once it has been signed without approval.


b) Reminders – The key to a successful e-signature workflow process is keeping it under control. A digital-signature solution that uses automatic signing reminders will ensure this happens.


Digital-signature collection

For greater automation of control of the digital-signature flow must be accommodated in the workflow. VIDA Sign lets you manage multiple processes, It lets you create workflows from creation, review, signing, and acceptance. You can even set it to allow people to enter your document. You can get this kind of workflow flexibility using a digital-signature application. When the document is ready to be signed, you can ask the signatory to affix a digital signature.


You need to know that when an electronic document has received a digital signature, the document can no longer be changed. If you forcibly modify a document, the validity of the document and the digital signature will be lost, so you have to ask the signatory to make the digital signature again.


Customize workflow

You may need to adapt your workflow to your specific needs. Every company and institution has a different work culture. By creating more specific and flexible workflows you can use digital signatures more effectively.


The products and solutions offered by VIDA can be adopted to suit various sectors and industries. For example, we can assist financial service providers with safe and convenient customer onboarding, and enable financial stakeholders to sign agreements using legally binding digital signatures while ensuring the integrity of signed documents.


Perform audits on workflow

Each digital-signature workflow process must be audited to ensure correctness. You can see how well this checking process works and you can even use it to customize your workflow to optimize it. You can carry out audits on workflows regularly and periodically, so you can prevent unwanted workflow errors.


Signatures created using VIDA technology take advantage of secure biometric-based verification technology. Furthermore, you can verify the digitally signed document to check whether the integrity of the document is maintained or tampered with after the signature has been made.


Completion and completion stage

The next important step in the digital-signature workflow is the delivery of the signed document to the corresponding signer. A common process followed for this step is the use of cloud-based storage to upload signed documents. Signatories can access the document by entering their credentials that were used earlier in the authentication phase of the workflow for the electronic signing process. Apart from sending signed documents, the audit process also serves as an important component in the final stages of the digital signing process. The audit process is an important element that is needed as evidence for all processes that occur. After verification of the audit process, the digital-signature process can be perfected as necessary.


Each completed document signer will be sent a URL link. Once the document is approved, and the digital signature has been made by all parties, then the process can be completed. Signers can be automatically sent a link to a document that has been approved, ensuring that each party is aware of the completion process.


Paper documents tend to be more vulnerable to the risk of being misplaced or even stolen. They are also at risk of damage from flooding, fire, or other disasters. Electronically signed digital contract documents incur none of these risks.


VIDA Sign has met the five main standards, namely online privacy, security, availability, confidentiality, and processing integrity. By digitizing signatures, VIDA Sign is revolutionizing modern society and facilitating the workflow for many different sectors.


The digital-signature workflow process can seem long and confusing for users who are not used to doing it. That’s why at VIDA Sign we have packaged it into an easy-to-understand platform. So, what are you waiting for? To learn more about VIDA Sign solutions, contact us today.


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