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Feb 07, 2022

Digital Signatures Support Productivity When Back at the Office

Technology is one of the key elements for future business sustainability, it can be in the form of artificial intelligence, and digital signatures.

Technology is one of the key elements for future business sustainability, it can be in the form of artificial intelligence, and digital signatures.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we work. Previously working in an office was the norm, but now activities are more directed towards digitalization and the ability to work flexibly or remotely. Companies must prepare equipment and supplies to enable business continuity so that employees can remain productive even though they are not working in the office.


Using Technology to Increase Employee Productivity Everywhere

After a long period operating under work-from-home policies, this year some offices in big cities have reinstated a work-from-office policy. With changing work trends during the pandemic, it is critical that technology is used in a way that increases employee productivity and communication.


Designing their digital experiences involves bridging the gap between how people do things in their personal lives and how they do them at work. Results of a survey of 3,000 European workers made by showed technology to be one of the key elements for future business sustainability. This technology can be in the form of chatbots, clouds, artificial intelligence, and digital signatures.


Digital Signatures Support Employee Productivity in the Office

In essence, business processes are closely linked to documents. Employees have to sign many legal and financial documents such as employment contracts, cooperation agreements, sick leave, order forms, billing documents, receipts, and other documents depending on the company’s line of business.


According to an Adobe survey published by on the use of hybrid technology and work models, 51% of small businesses still handle documents on a daily basis and business owners sign an average of 16 documents each week, with each document taking an average of six days to complete.


If your business requires a lot of paperwork to be signed, how much time do your employees spend managing it? There are documents to be printed, handed over to clients or business partners for review and signature, digitally scanned, and ultimately destroyed or filed for safekeeping.


How much time can your employees save by managing everything online? Digitizing this process can make the document validation processes and workflows faster and more efficient, leading to increased employee productivity.


VIDA Sign For Digital Signatures

VIDA provides a digital identity platform across digital channels with the highest security and compliance standards using world-class technology for end-to-end solutions. VIDA Sign is a digital-signature application issued by VIDA, which makes it easier for customers to make digital signatures safely and comfortably.


Advantages of DIgital Signature with VIDA Sign

Digital signatures are not only useful when working remotely or working from home. VIDA Sign has many advantages that will help the company grow and increase employee productivity. Here are a few of them.


1. Guaranteed Security


Signatures created using VIDA Sign are secured with user biometric authentication. VIDA Sign security uses pre-signing activity detection to minimize the potential for identity fraud.


2. Document Integrity Is Maintained


You can verify a digitally signed document to check whether the integrity of the document is preserved or damaged after the signature is made.


3. Clear Legality


Based on Law 11/2018 and strengthened by PP 71/2019, digital signatures such as those issued by VIDA Sign, which is issued and implemented by PSrE legalized by the state (in this case Kominfo), have legal force in the Republic of Indonesia.


4. Easy to Use and Practical


Sometimes there are many departments involved in the same process, so signing documents can take longer or have to be stopped because important parties are not present. This easy-to-use and the practical digital-signature solution will save your clients/business partners cost and time.


5. Flexible


VIDA offers a range of solutions and prices to match the needs of your business or company. VIDA Sign can be used anywhere, whether in the office or while working at home.


The advantages mentioned above demonstrate how digital signatures can also be a secure solution when you work from the office, and avoid the need to meet with clients or business partners face to face. VIDA has a variety of integration models to suit your needs in the form of application, web-based, and API integration.


Want to know more about VIDA Sign products? Contact us here.


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