The Role of Facial Biometric Technology in Preventing the Spread of COVID-19


With the still increasing rise in Covid-19 cases, business is mainly carried out digitally. Technology plays an important role in keeping community activities running, and ensuring the community remains productive even during the PPKM (Enforcement of Restrictions on Community Activities) period .


One technology that is increasingly being adopted is biometric technology. All online activities such as financial transactions, account opening, and service registration require a digital identity that must be verified using biometric technology. So, what are digital identity and biometric technology? Check out the following explanation.


Recognizing Digital Identity

Digital identities are credentials that people use to identify themselves. A digital identity consists of an individual's unique set of features and characteristics that are stored and used for identification and authentication in online services or transactions.


Digital identities can be in the form of individuals, organizations, communities, or electronic devices in cyberspace. The owner of a digital identity can project more than one digital persona. To maintain the security of personal data and privacy in managing digital identities, verification technology that is safe, fast, and practical is needed - such as facial biometric technology.


What is Biometric Identity Verification?

Biometric verification is the process of validating identity using a person's biological identity, physical characteristics, or behavior such as scanning a user's face, movements, or possessions for digital security.


Biometrics is a verification technology that uses a person's biological identity to provide accurate identity verification that is able to prove a person’s true identity. The way it works is very complicated, but biometric digital verification makes the verification process shorter and smarter.


Authentication and authorization are done by identifying the identity of the user. A user’s identity is verified by comparison with previously stored records or information. Biometric verification is believed to offer a higher level of security because it cannot be faked and transferred.

VIDA Verify identity verification provides legal assurance of user identity and a high level of assurance.

The Role of Facial Biometric Technology During a Pandemic

During a pandemic, digital-based services are increasingly in demand. The need to maintain identity security makes facial biometric verification technology necessary.


The role of facial biometric technology during a pandemic is to:


1. Reduce crowds due to long queues

  • Modern biometric identity verification technology can be used for massive-scale identity verification in a short amount of time

  • Fast facial biometric authorization and authentication process

  • A biometric identity verification system no longer requires a long process and involves many parties

2. Minimize physical contact

  • Proper implementation and management of biometric verification technology not only helps maintain identity security but also limits physical contact

  • Ease of access because there is no need to touch verification tools such as cards, or other devices that allow physical contact with public facilities used by many people

3. Become a vaccine recipient verification tool


The biometric verification system can only be accessed by one person and is unique


VIDA Verify, Your Facial Biometric Solution

By comparing biometric and demographic data with national databases, VIDA Verify identity verification provides legal assurance of user identity and a high level of assurance. It also:

  • Prevents fraud by up to 90%

  • Verifies Identities based on official references and a legal identity database, in real-time

  • Easily integrates with most hardware platforms and modules

  • Uses powerful Anti-Spoofing (AI deep learning) technology to prevent scammers from using images, videos and masks to fake identities

VIDA Verify Services

1. Identity Verification

VIDA Verify Identity is an identity verification solution that removes the possibility of fake registration, app fraud, and identity fraud. It is easily integrated with existing systems using SDK, API, and iFrame platforms.


2. Facial Biometrics

VIDA Verify Facial Biometrics is a face-verification solution that uses a combination of facial attribution and liveness detection software to determine with more than 99.5% accuracy.


VIDA uses several technologies and AI to perform identity verification, mainly using Biometric Verification and Liveness Detection. VIDA verification can be implemented for a wide variety of scenarios.


VIDA is implemented and certified by local regulators such as the Ministry of Communication and Telecommunications, Bank Indonesia, and OJK as identity verification service providers. VIDA is also ISO 27001 certified for data security management and is the only PSrE in Indonesia certified by Webtrust as a globally recognized guarantee of internet security standards.


To find out which of our VIDA Verify services and products is right for you, please contact us today. Our team will be glad to help you.


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