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identity verification

Feb 21, 2022

Understanding the Process in Biometric Identity Verification

Biometric verification is an identity validation process using biological identity involves a user's face, movement being scanned for digital security.

Biometric Identity Verification

Getting to Know Biometric-Based Identity Verification

Biometric verification is an identity validation process using a person's biological identity, physical characteristics, or behavior and involves a user's face, movement, or possessions being scanned for digital security. The biometrics used can be a single physical characteristic or consist of several characteristics, depending on the infrastructure and the desired level of security.


Biometric Identity Verification Process 

This is the process that occurs when performing biometric verification:

  • The scanned physical characteristics will be mapped to the username/user ID, which will be used to make decisions once the user is authenticated.

  • The system will compare the user's physical characteristics to the scanned results that have been saved. For example, the camera detects the user's face and then saves the scan to the system. If the scan matches the stored sample, then authentication is considered successful

Components of Biometric Identity Verification

A biometric device includes three components:

  1. Reader or scanning device

  2. Technology for converting and comparing collected biometric data

  3. Databases for storage

Authentication is the process of proving or validating a user's identity when they want to access important systems. Authentication is an important step in protecting computer networks and websites against unauthorized access by parties other than the actual user or account owner.


Authentication and Authorization Methods for Network Security

Authentication is an identity validation process that is carried out by comparing the user data sent with the data contained in the database. Authorization is the process of giving power to a user that has been properly validated.


The authentication and authorization steps are carried out by identifying the identity of the user. User identity is verified by comparison with previously stored records or information.


Various Authentication and Authorization Methods

Authentication can be done in several ways:


1. Using Username/ID, Keywords, or a Combination of Both


When logging into an application or software, the system will ask the user to enter a username/ID, password, or a combination of both. In everyday life, generally what is used is a combination of the two, such as when logging into social media or e-mail accounts.


2. Using Identity Card


This is the usual method used for digital banking or financial services, such as when opening an account or e-wallet account, investing, and applying for loans. The system will ask the user to upload an identity card, followed by a selfie while holding the identity card.


3. Using Biometric Verification


Biometric verification is believed to offer a higher level of security because it cannot be faked and transferred.


Protect Your Consumer Identity Security with VIDA

In this digital era, consumers are more aware of security factors associated with a service. Security is the main factor that influences consumer decisions to use services or buy products from a company.


Biometric identity verification technology is the right choice for companies that are developing their business in order to reach more consumers to prevent identity theft. The implementation of a good identity verification system can increase consumer confidence. Increased consumer confidence gives your company a good reputation and enables it to stand out from its competitors.


To have a guaranteed identity verification system, make sure you work with a trusted company like VIDA. VIDA applies world-class technology standards that are certified and recognized both locally and internationally and are committed to providing you with a safe and secure experience when using VIDA's products and services.


VIDA is also ISO 27001 certified for data security management and is the only PSrE in Indonesia certified by Webtrust as a globally recognized guarantee of internet security standards.


Latest Technology by VIDA Verify

VIDA’s VIDA Verify service is able to compare biometric and demographic data with national databases. The technology used by VIDA also has an accuracy of up to 99.5%.


The following is the advanced technology in Vida Verify Facial Biometrics:


1. Silent Liveness Detection


To ensure the integrity of the user's facial biometrics to prevent identity fraud


2. Anti-Spoofing Technology


Uses powerful deep learning AI technology to prevent scammers from using images, videos, and masks to fake identities


With a secure and legal identity database, enhance your customer experience with instant and secure identity verification. VIDA Verify helps minimize user onboarding costs with an instant digital bank-level identity verification solution. VIDA verification can be implemented in various use cases and scenarios required by the service provider.


In addition to VIDA Verify Facial Biometrics technology, VIDA Verify incorporates Identity Verification technology, find out more about VIDA Identity Verification technology or other VIDA services by contact us.


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VIDA - Verified Identity for All. VIDA provides a trusted digital identity platform.

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