VIDA Electronic Certificate Integration in Adobe Sign and Microsoft Teams


The pandemic has changed our work culture, including the way we handle and certify documents. The use of digital signatures is increasing even though face-to-face interactions are starting to return. Digital signatures are considered safer, more practical, more economical, and legal. All in all, they can help to significantly increase work productivity.


How can VIDA support the public's transition to the work culture of the future?


What is a Cloud-Based Digital Signature?

Cloud-based digital signatures are digital signatures that are affixed, managed, and stored via devices connected to cloud services - digital storage that can be accessed anytime and anywhere as long as an internet network is available.


Cloud-based digital signatures can be used for document validation to show that the signed document is legal because it has an electronic certificate.


Certified digital signatures using electronic certificates provide a guarantee of trust for the owner in the form of data authenticity by showing the identity of the certificate holder in the electronic document and the integrity of the data so that activities against the signed electronic document can be monitored, and ensuring the authenticity and integrity of the document.


Remote Work Solutions from VIDA, Adobe Sign, and Microsoft Teams

During the pandemic, the policy of working from home has encouraged an increase in ‘hybrid’ work models. Digitization needs to be implemented across business processes for more effective and efficient work results, including the document-signing process.


Research by Adobe shows that today's workers have higher expectations of technology to help them work more efficiently and effectively. The research highlights that a third of working time is consumed by repetitive work such as managing documents, forms, contracts, invoices, and others.


In addition, more than 86% of workers stated that repetitive work prevented them from doing their main tasks. Furthermore, 91% of respondents stated that they are interested in using devices that can make their tasks or work processes more efficient, such as digital signatures. The results of this research show the benefits and importance of using digital signatures for professional purposes.


VIDA together with Adobe Sign present a global standard digital signature accompanied by an Electronic Certificate from VIDA. VIDA is the first Certificate Authority (CA) company in Indonesia to be listed on the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL). Its digital signature is recognized in more than 40 countries.


“The selection of VIDA as the first PSrE in Indonesia on the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL) demonstrates VIDA's ability to meet established security and technical standards, and is widely accepted throughout the world. By providing digital transaction services that are more secure and globally accepted, we hope to strengthen Indonesian people's trust in digital signatures and make them easier to use and access, as well as improve the experience of using digital documents for everyone," said Chandra Sinnathamby, Head of Adobe Document Cloud - Asia Pacific, Adobe.


Using a certified digital signature from VIDA, one can sign documents securely and seamlessly in Adobe software that is widely used by the public, such as Adobe Acrobat, Acrobat Reader and Adobe Sign. This process is even more streamlined using Microsoft's cloud-based collaboration products such as Microsoft Teams.


4 Easy Steps to Using Adobe Sign with VIDA Electronic Certificate

VIDA together with Adobe Sign deliver a global standard digital signature complemented by an electronic certificate from VIDA that works on desktops, mobiles and the web, and meets the highest levels of compliance and assurance for signatory authentication.


Here are 4 easy steps to using Adobe Sign with a VIDA Electronic Certificate:

  1. Make sure you subscribe to the Adobe Sign plan

  2. Don't forget to subscribe to the VIDA Cloud Digital Certificate package

  3. Download the VIDA App to login and verify your identity

  4. Ready to sign your documents with Adobe Sign using VIDA Digital Certificate


VIDA as Electronic Certificate Operator (PSrE) licensed and under the supervision of Kominfo

As a PSrE licensed and under the supervision of Kominfo, VIDA’s electronic certificate can be used in digital signatures to verify and authenticate a person's identity. VIDA applies world-class data-protection standards, including Public Key Infrastructure, facial recognition, and endpoint security to deliver a comprehensive cybersecurity solution.


VIDA is also the first PSrE in Indonesia to receive WebTrust global accreditation for the implementation of internet security standards by applying facial biometrics to verify and authenticate to provide convenience and comfort for its users.


Entrust Digital Identity Verification to VIDA

The integration of electronic certificates with VIDA Sign can accelerate digital transformation for business development because digital identities are more secure, are legally valid, and can be used to perform digital signatures.


VIDA Sign’s world-class biometric technology is equipped with identity verification and authentication services, access management, and certified digital signatures to support business partners to develop their business quickly and efficiently.


A safe and comfortable user experience is our top priority. If you are interested in VIDA’s digital solutions, contact us to find out more about our products and services by clicking this link.

VIDA together with Adobe Sign present a global standard digital signature accompanied by an Electronic Certificate from VIDA.

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